Thursday, March 1, 2012

March - St. Patrick's day is coming

It is March, yay!

I like March, there is the possibility of better weather.  My father and sisters have their birthdays in March.

And is it the month of St. Patrick's day!

I always put out my Irish china - it is large enough to have a fun Irish tea party for eight.  Last year I actually got to use it for a book club meeting here.  This all started with one Irish teapot that my husband bought me in 1999!
 When my kitchen is not all torn up I do other St. Patrick's day decorating as well. 

I made these placemats a while ago.  I have 9 of them, I used them once for a party.  I put out three even though there are only two of us living here now.  I just like the way the three look better.

I have an apron which matches these. 

I am mostly Irish so this is a fun month for me.  I don't go to the parade or dance the jig but I do have china and sewn Irish items. 
I had this table runner out before construction took over.

On top of it I have one of my newest obsessions, Nora Fleming.  I have a cake stand and two square/rectangle dishes plus a bunch of minis.

Of course I have a shamrock.  Isn't it the cutest?

Have I sewn other Irish themed items, well, yes!  But it's only March 1st, I can't blow me whole pot of gold.  Erin go bragh!


  1. I love the way my Irish lass decorates for St. Pat's day.

    1. glad you like our line...thanks for blogging about it! nora fleming

  2. glad you like our line...thanks for blogging about it!


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