Friday, March 2, 2012

Knitting - slowly but surely

 I am working on the kitchen curtains.  I will be posting a picture soon!

I am working on the City Green and Hot for Chocolate.  Working on...not finished.

So, let's talk knitting.  I wanted to learn to knit for decades but I was working full time, raising kids and living life.  I retired on a Friday in June of 2010 and that Monday, I started my knitting 101 class.  I was the worst one in the class, for real.  Everyone else was a ringer - they had knit before.  Not me, I was an actual beginner. 
I have been knitting nearly every night since then.  I believe I have posted every scarf and dish rag I have completed.  I even showed you my nifty ball maker. 

Well, I am using the first of those balls to make a scarf for my husband.  I knit two then pearl two and no, I can't see a pattern either.  It should be done for next winter. 

I am also working on the hard scarf, the one where the pattern changes every four inches.  Yep, got four inches of the basket pattern done.  Nope, not brave enough to start the next pattern.  This should be done by oh, 2014.

Even though knitting is hard for me, I keep at it.  I started it, yoga and golf when I retired plus bought the long arm.  I have given up on Yoga but I didn't give my mat away.  I have done golf lessons two years in a row and I am toying with the idea of more lessons.  I like golf lessons and my fabulous purple clubs, it's the playing golf that I am not sold on yet.  The long arm, I've made good progress and slowly, I am becoming a knitter.

It's good to try new things, even when they are hard and even when you are not good at them.  Why?  Just because, you never know, you could get some scarves out of it!


  1. I like that you are willing to take risks. Keep at the golf lessons and one day you will be able to play. If not just keep taking lessons.


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