Thursday, March 22, 2012

More fun projects to make

 After teaching today I drove over to Thimbles.  Remember I told you that I had ordered an apron pattern and they had called to say it was in?  I finally went over and got it.

But, really, to drive all that way and JUST pick up a pattern.  Who would do that?
Not me, duh!  I picked up 4 fat quarters and a half yard piece of yellows and pinks plus a polka dot that went with them.  I want to make a quick spring table runner.  I just put away all the St. Patrick's day stuff and need a fresh table runner!
 Here is the pattern.

Isn't it cute?  And it takes two yards for the front and back just like my other favorite pattern, plus some trim fabric.

I spied this apron fabric as I was making my way over to the cash register.

I love it!  I had to buy some but then the quandary was, how much?  I settled on 4 yards, I figured I had the reverse fabrics and trim fabrics in my stash.  Or do I?  More shopping?
This cutie patootie pattern also caught my eye.

Not the thread catcher, which is just fine, but the lining for the mug.

I have lots of mugs around with stuff in them.

This little liner allows you to put things on the OUTSIDE of the mug as well.

Pure genius!  I sense a new gift item on the horizon!

I love the excitement of the new project, the fresh fabric, the perfect table runner.  New inspiration for my spring.

Sorry, I can't write any more, I need to go SEW!

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  1. Always a thrill for you when you go to Thimbles.


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