Monday, March 5, 2012

Kitchen curtains

 I finished the kitchen curtains Wednesday and snuck inbetween the workers to put them up!

On Thursday, they finished the kitchen.  What a relief and a feeling of accomplishment.  When I first moved into this condo in December of 1996, I thought I would never have to do anything major to it.  But children, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness taught me that even a place you think of as being new, needs updates and redoing!

All of this started in 2006 when my husband and I got the whole condo painted.  We have been updating rooms ever since.  Well, you know because you lived throught the bedroom curtains with me and no, I do not have the City Green quilt done yet for behind the bed.  (I should know better than to allow questions.)

In 2009, we got the new fridge at 0% financing.  We got that paid off just as the stove died on us in 2010.  We replaced that as well as the microwave and dishwasher.  We knew we had to do the countertop because it was buckling at the seam which had been cleverly placed right by the sink. 

If we were doing the counter tops, you have to have a new sink (plus plumbing) so you might as well add a back splash but wait, wouldn't under the cabinet lighting look great also?  And all new switch plates!  Chair cushions!  Fans and lights!  Which led us to the curtains and these new spiffy curtains made the other clock look dopey.  Enter the new timepiece.  I love the new clock.  Did you notice that it has a little bird perched on top?  It is pretending that it is an actual Parisian street clock where a bird would perch.  Birds have been a theme lately so I feel it is serendipity that the clock has one.  This triggered the memory of the bird apron I made Phyllis for Christmas and those colors fit right in the new kitchen.   So I made one for me!

The kitchen is done or will be once our guy Al installs the new kick plates and the two new fan/light combinations.  They have brass on them and as everything was now polished nickle, they just didn't fit in. 

I am hoping we can just keep this kitchen repaired, clean and running smoothly.  I love having this new space but boy, the time it was all torn out was very stressful!  And we only repaired the cabinets, we did not replace them.

New things are great, but old routines are comforting also.  I like being able to cook or not as the case may be.  Having to go out for every meal got to be a drag.  Can you believe it is me saying this?  New kitchen and maybe a new appreciation of being able to use it.  That might be worth the bother and aggravation we went through, to appreciate what we had all along.  Only now, it is the spiffed up version!


  1. I also love our new kitchen. It will last for quite a while. Now on to the floor.


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