Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What our sewing tells about us

 Four rows of quilting done, that's 25% of the squares done. 


Plus, the next two rows that I have to do are the circles so they should go pretty quickly.

I know this quilt is seemingly going slowly but I am doing two colors and rolling the quilt through two times!
 Here you can see the quilt ready to be rolled up again.

The rolling goes faster and is easier as I am only dealing with two rollers, just one at each end.

I know a woman who stabilizes all her quilts this way and drops the roller which controls the top.

I had found that I don't like that method for general quilting.  I think I can get the quilt tighter with 3 rollers.  But it is not an option once you have quilted down the top.
Here is the City Green quilt, all rolled up and ready for four more rows of quilting.

I don't know if you can notice it but the back is pretty darn thready now!  That is the disadvantage of the quilting in the small squares, it is so much stopping and starting. 

The brown quilting was all connected,  so not many threads.

Besides working on the City Green Quilt I also visited the Ernest Hemingway Museum and Home in Oak Park. 

There were quilts featured in the home which is decorated in the Victorian style.  But many of the quilts were Crazy Quilts, that stage of quilting when American Women of leisure showed off their needle skills.  The prestige of having leisure time!  Ernest even had his own sewing basket but he was only allowed to practice his sewing skills on repairing his father's clothes.  Yet, he was dressed in dresses way past the age than  most boys of his era. 

Trying to understand an author or an age, sewing used to provide valuable clues.  Nowadays, not nearly as much as most people don't sew.  I guess the fact that I do provides clues to me and my psyche as much as Ernest's family's quilts did.  My blog and sewing obviously prove that Quilters are wonderful women with great looking bed coverings and wall decorations.  Quilters rule, duh!


  1. The quilt is looking good. I can not wait for it to be done and hanging in our room.

  2. My I be the first to congratulate you on being a featured quilt blogger for Quilters' Plus. Love your City green quilt. The colorway is spectacular! Like all the photos of your quilts on the side. Where oh where do you find space for a longarm?!!

    1. I have a 400 square foot loft and it is up there - you should have seen us getting it up there, what an ordeal!

      Thanks for your congratulations and the same to you!


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