Tuesday, March 27, 2012

One more section quilted

 I got another section of the City Green quilt done.


I wish I could say that I am loving quilting this but I cannot.

The second time through I have to literally force myself to quilt.

Even while I am doing it, I am thinking of excuses to stop quilting. 
 As a result I was quite pleased to have this section done.

Maybe I will be more motivated now that I am moving along?

I hope so because quite frankly, it has taken me way too long.

The brown just seemed to bop right along and then wham, I hit a brick wall.

I actually could have started on the next section of circles but it seems more even to turn it after a group of honeycomb, circle, circle and honeycomb. 

I did the math TWICE to make sure this will work out evenly.  I have suddenly decided it probably won't. 
At any rate, I am slowly persevering. 


I rolled up the quilt, one more section and then I will be half done.

At least when it is done, it will be done.  There are very few things like that in life.  Done with the laundry?  Just wait a couple of days, there will be more.  Same with a clean house or graded papers.  But an educational degree and quilting never have to be done again.  You have that degree and it's yours for life.  Same with quilting.  This quilt will go on the wall.  Once I am done with it, I will be done.

Maybe I should just go up there and finish it off.  Or, I may need to relax and have some more dark chocolate.

It will get done.  Eventually!

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