Thursday, March 29, 2012

Facebook and quilting

This is the best contribution to my quilting life that I have found on Facebook.  I actually love it and shared it to my wall.

I "like" lots of different quilting pages.  This is probably my favorite page.  Quilters Club page  I read a variety of posts that come through my feed and I have entered all kinds of contests to win fabric, fabric bundles, supplies, etc.  I have won none of it.

I also like the page that AQS has. AQS facebook page  I entered my blog there and I was blog of the week which was very fun.  I find that people are using the AQS page to just advertise their own blog or product.

I always thought that I would use Social Media more in my sewing life but I really haven't. 

I like sewing/quilting and magazines about quilting and sewing.  I adore visiting shops and buying fabric, even online.  I love books and patterns.  I just haven't extended this love to digital quilting sites. 

I love quilts and I love Facebook, I just haven't joined the two.  I will let you know if I figure it out.

Until then, I will post my quilt pictures here and on Facebook when they are done.  I will connect with friends on Facebook and with fabric in my sewing room.

And of course, I will blog about it all!

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