Monday, March 26, 2012

Hot for Chocolate BLOCKS!

 Hip hip hooray, all the individual square are done for both Hot for Chocolate quilts.  I keep the squares separate however so I will do the blocks for each quilt and not mix them up.

I roughly divided the triangle blocks, rectangles and brown squares on the chair next to my sewing machine.

I put the picture of the finished quilt right by it to keep me motivated.

These are randomly placed.  I go through and select one block's worth of squares.

I try to avoid having same fabrics next to each other or more than twice in a block.
 Once I select the squares, I line it up on the ironing board.

You can see better how all the pink or red squares have been joined into rectangles and all the triangles are joined together.

This was tedious at the beginning but it makes the blocks sew up much faster.

I am liking the fabrics again!

When I get the horizontal strips put together, I transfer the block next to my sewing machine after pressing the strips in opposite directions.  That way the block will lay flatter.
 Here is a block waiting for its last sewing.

(A side note, I like using its correctly.  On Facebook and Yelp I have noticed that people have no idea that it's = it is.  They think it is the possessive of it.  It's not a hard concept to learn and has its own reward.  Grammar rant over, thanks for indulging me.)

When I sew the horizontal strips together, I just have to press the block.
I have four all made.


I have one lined up, one with horizontal strips done and one waiting to be pressed.  I keep a regular assembly line going.

Each quilt needs 20 blocks.

I am planning on making all 40 blocks before I piece the top.

All this fabric has made me actually hot for chocolate.  I eat dark chocolate strictly for medicinal purposes, ha!

I actually read about one study that said dark chocolate is more effective than statins for lowering cholesterol.  I don't know if that is true but I have low cholesterol and I eat dark chocolate every single day!

Hot for chocolate - in quilts and in life!

P.S.  Thanks for voting for my caption, I won!


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