Friday, March 30, 2012

Easter on the way

 I am having my family here for Easter and I have the spring quilt on my condo door and a few bits of Easter decorations in my kitchen.

This Easter apron is the second one I have made and neither one make my heart beat faster.  Is it the fabric?  The colors?  Do I have some sort of deep seated resentment for Bunnies?

I am not sure but it is the holiday for which I have done the least amount of sewing. 

Maybe I am not a pastel kind of girl?

Do jelly beans turn me off?
 Here is an Easter table runner I have on my kitchen island along with some little Easter doo dads.



I think that I really liked Easter best when I wasn't around to celebrate it with my family.  No offense family, I love you all!  But it's not like Christmas or Thanksgiving when I would die if I were not with them.  I taught French for 16 years and ten of those years I led student groups to France over spring break which always fell over Easter weekend and beyond.  I was trampling around Paris, London, Normandy and Provence.  Quite frankly, that beats the bunny any day of the week.  Of course I was also leading groups of 20 to 40 teenagers.  
Hey, you know, Easter at home at its pluses as well!

On my sideboard I have one antique bowl from my Mom mixed in with Peter Cotton tail children's china that my girls received from my Mom and sister when they were babies.  It was too good to actually use but it does look good on display with some crystal and a bunny candy dish.

I will enjoy setting the table for Easter dinner, I have some tried and true linens I made years ago plus I love my Hadley dishes.

I am feeling better about Easter now, heck, I may even eat some jelly beans!

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