Thursday, March 15, 2012


Remember the antique mail box that was made into a bank I showed you last month?  I use it as a place for special threads.

My husband has one very similar but it is a double box.  We have it in our bedroom.

A man who works for the same company as my husband but in another state made them for us!  Wasn't that nice?  We pick up shot glasses for him when we are on vacation.  But he has MADE us things.

In my book, gifts that you MAKE for people are gifts that are truly from your heart.  Fine, maybe I do say this because I made a lot of presents for people.

But I wanted to MAKE him something in return.

You already know where this is going, don't you?

I think I showed pictures of the fabric I got for him.  He is a huge fan of Mississippi State.   (Do you remember when you were in like first grade and you learned how to spell MISS ISS IPPI?  I don't think I have ever had more fun spelling.  But I digress.)
I found fabric from there on the internet as then got bull dog fabric and little paw prints.

I made him this apron and with the left over paw print fabric, I made two hankerchiefs?  Doo rags?  Napkins?  Whatever he wants!

I am not sure that his heart's desire is to have a Bulldog apron but I wanted to give him something from my heart and hands.  When little Darcy was delivered, he was so very empathetic and made me the bank to express with his hands what what in his heart.  I am doing the same, making him an apron to say with fabric, thanks for being such a good and thoughtful person.

Plus, how many times can you get an excuse to sew with bulldog fabric?


  1. Very kind words for a thoughtful friend. Thanks for making the apron. He will love it.


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