Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New apron pattern

I tried a new apron pattern.


I love that old apron pattern.  I bought it in the mid 1970's to make a white apron and go to a Halloween costume party as a chef, I even found a chef hat.

Flash forward 30 years and I got on an apron making kick and I have not stopped since!

Once you get hooked on aprons, you are totally hooked, trust me on this.

I am positively evangelical about aprons!  They look cute hanging up and they are super handy to wear while you are cooking.  Leave it on while you eat and you know that it is then an adult bib.  Is there a better item in the world?  I have made them and given them hundreds of time.

I saw a new pattern which made up to the apron above.  I like it but quite frankly, I think I like the old basic more.  But I saw another new apron pattern at Thimbles and they ordered one for me.  They called to say it was in but I haven't hustled over there to pick it up.  Maybe one new apron pattern per month is enough?

I made this one for a friend who has a new cabin on a lake.  I bought her a Welcome to the Cabin sign to go with it.  The great thing is that I will never go to her cabin so if she doesn't use it, I will never know!  And if she does use it, it may be in the wash or whatever.  I don't like to give gifts where there is this pressure to use and display something!

It's the middle of March, I will make way over to Thimbles and get the new pattern.  I will expand my horizons. 

But, I still get to make some from the old pattern, ok?


  1. I like this new pattern. Of course, I also like your old pattern, because I have a snazzy U of I apron in it! -- mv

  2. I thought the fish pattern makes the apron look very unique.


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