Monday, March 19, 2012

Yes, I know I haven't updated on the two main projects in a bit.  I got distracted by aprons, caption contests, teaching, Yelp reviews and the weather!  It is crazy good with the emphasis on crazy.  When it is the summer and it is super hot, my sewing room is nice and cool.  When it is winter and really cold, my sewing room is nice and cozy warm.  When it is a freakishly early spring, my sewing room is sortof stuffy and warm, and not a good warm!

But I do like these projects so I worked on them today.  I think I am stalled a bit in both because it is becoming a bit repetitive.  I think this is the last time I will quilt a whole quilt in one color and then go back and do the second one.

But I got a whole row finished today and I realized that my lame excuse of not wanting to finish until Cliff is off his crutches is gone. The man is a walking miracle ladies and gents.  I am thrilled plus so happy to not being doing the garbage!

 You can see a close up here of the 5th row, all the circles done, I even had one wobbly circle which I ripped out and redid. 

Underneath you can see the first circle done in the 6th row.  It makes me feel like I am almost done with that row!

I was very distracted (early onset?) and I completely forgot to go for half of my quilt guild.  It is on Wednesday and I have to leave early to teach my class.  This summer I don't teach and next fall they have slated me for a 1:00 start on my class so I only have April left where it is an issue. 

All the triangles for the second Hot for Chocolate quilt have been sewn and ironed and about a third of the bunny ears have been clipped off.

You are probably thinking, "Boy, these triangles have been taking a long time."


Finally I will get to put the blocks together. 

Patience is an important virtue in life.  Sometimes you have to wait for your husband's ankle to get better.  Or possibly you have to wait and see if you win the caption contest.  Or maybe you just have to muscle through the boredom of lots of triangles and a second time of quilting the same quilt.

I can do it, I can stay the course.

But if the weather stays so warm, it might take even longer!

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