Friday, March 9, 2012

March - birthdays

March Quilt

March is the birthday month around here, two sisters and my dad all have March birthdays.  My Dad is in Florida for the winter months and only one sister lives near me.  So I get to celebrate with her today, in fact as you are reading this we are probably out having an adventure for her birthday.

I like birthdays, I like letting people know that I am glad they were born.  But I like doing it low key, my sister is the same way.  So, we won't be in Vegas nor have anything to regret.  It may involve tea or sandwiches!  I just want to let her know that I am glad she is alive and my sister.

Birthday table runner

When I have birthday celebrations at my house, I use this table runner.  I made one for my daughter and I liked it so much, I made one for me.

Birthdays are like that, it is a celebration of that person but really the present is to you, you get to have that person in your life.  And sometimes, you copy their table runners for one more present for you.

Enjoy the people who you are glad they were born this weekend!

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