Monday, February 6, 2012

Going together

 I am continuing to work on City Green.  I am doing more quilting than normal and more carefully, stitching in the ditch on each and every side of the brown strips.

It's OK that it is taking a long time as Cliff won't be very mobile for a long time also.  He is my quilt hanger guy so maybe it will get done when he is finally on his feet?

We ordered a basket for his scooter and he got a boot instead of a cast so at least there is some movement!
I got all the strips organized for the heart quilts.

I cut each one in half and then piled them in equal piles.  I am not sure if I should just make all the squares or always keep things separate for each quilt?  So far, separate, I can always change it.

I do love all the browns and pinks and saved one strip from each kit for the cornerstone blocks.  It's fun to like something so much when you didn't pick out all the fabrics yourself.  Sometimes I like a kit, all the decisions made for me and I don't overbuy on fabric.

Did someone mention buying fabric?  I just got some new fabric.   Yes, I know, it is pretty exciting.

This first set is for the man who made the post office box bank for me where I put the quilting threads.  He is also making a special edition one for a friend of mine whose birthday is in February.  She is a breast Cancer survivor and he has one that he makes for Breast Cancer survivors. 

Since he has been making things for me, I wanted to make something for him and he is a huge Mississippi State fan.  Their mascot is bulldogs so that's the other fabrics.  Silly but fun!

I am also planning two book clubs with a French theme.  The first one is for The Count of Monte Cristo in May.  I wanted something with more of a French flag look, some bleu, blanc, rouge but this is all I have found so far.

I am also hosting my other book club in June for The Paris Wife so whatever I make for the May club, I will use again for June.  Clever, n'est-ce pas?

Do you remember how I had the cherry theme for the Mark Twain book club.  (Silly me, of course you remember.)  I am using that table runner and those dishes this month with some of my Valentine linens.  The cherry works because of Presidents' day and Washington the and cherry tree!

Book club and sewing, two areas of my life that go together in ways which you would not expect.  In fact, I have trouble thinking of a way that you couldn't fit in sewing and books.  But sometimes, writing my blog and sewing don't fit in each day.  I know I will not be able to post a blog on Tuesday morning but I will catch up again on Wednesday AM!  I hope I have more progress to show on the City Green quilting and the heart quilt cutting.

May all the different aspects of your life work together well today, this week, heck, the whole darn year.


  1. I hope to be up and running in about 4 more weeks. I should be able to hang the quilt by then.
    Mississippi State fabric looks great. He will be surprised.

    1. I don't want to hang it until I bring it to my guild in March anyway, we're good!


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