Thursday, February 23, 2012

Stopping and starting

 I finished another row of the City Green Quilt, that went a lot faster don't you think?  Yes, I do, too!

My only issue with this (you knew I had one, right?) is that I can't get any kind of a flow going when I am quilting.  When I did Sweet Time and the Mad Plaid I could really get into it. 

Making circles within 2 inch squares means you stop and start a lot.  Which, I guess, is pretty much like my real life.  Just started on the blog, oh, there's an email.  Uploading the pictures, gotta take this phone call.
Here is a close up of these stop and start circles.  I snapped a picture at the very end so you could tell I actually did finish two rows!

I redid the math and I think I can do

1 row honeycomb
2 rows circles
1 row honeycomb
2 rows circles
This will work out with the first and last row being honeycomb.  (There are a total of 16 rows.)  If I have figured it wrong message me NOW!

Tomorrow, I will give you an update on the Hot for Chocolate Quilt, I am working on them both all the time but it's a start and stop process, I am just hoping I will close the circle on it....someday!


  1. I am looking forward to seeing the progress you have made with the chocolate quilt.

  2. Me too, I wish it was going faster!


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