Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Presidents' Day Weekend

Did you enjoy your 3 day weekend?  I sure did.  Yes, I am aware that I only work two days a week but I like a day off none the less.

What did I do related to quilts and sewing?  I bought all these fabrics, that is one things I did.  Where?  I am glad you asked, I even wrote a review of this new quilt store.Quilt store in Woodstock, Hopscotch Square
There really are few pleasures in life that beat finding a new quilt store.  The turquoise and green fabric will be a terrific back for fabrics I got for Christmas, as will the gray and beige fabric.    That takes care of the two ends, what about the other fabrics?

I bought five yards of the blue/black check to make a tablecloth.  I am thinking I can do something with the Paris fabrics I bought for two Paris-y book clubs I am having at my house this spring.  My classics book club will be meeting here in May to discuss The Count of Monte Cristo and my daughter's popular fiction book club will be meeting here in June to discuss The Paris Wife.   I am seeing some potential here for table linens!  I love everything about book clubs - the reading, the sewing and the eating with terrific women with intelligent things to say!

Well Kathy, did you get a lot of SEWING done on your day off?

Well, uh, no, I did not.

Blame my friend, Marge, she was in from DC and so Mary and I had to meet her for lunch.  Had to!  She reads my blog (yes, someone besides my husband does read it) and brought me a present.  She thought I could do the triangles easier next time with Thangles.   Thangles website
 I have heard of them but had never tried them.  Remember all the lines I drew, Thangles, apparently, are paper patterns you sew over and they have the lines all drawn on.  Genius!  I shall try them next time I am making bunches of triangles like I am now.

Great shopping, eating and visits with friends.  Not even the Presidents had a better weekend!


  1. Looking at the food makes me hungry. I also like your new fabric. You should be able to put it to good use.

    1. Wait, I am supposed to use all the fabric I buy?


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