Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kitchen Khaos

I guess having a husband with a broken ankle who can't walk wasn't enough, we also went ahead with our previously scheduled counter top redo.  Here is what the kitchen looks like - no counter tops, no sink, no water, no working dishwasher and the kitchen table covered with everything that used to be on the counter tops. 

When I posted the pictures on Facebook, I looked at it and thought, hmmm, those curtains are looking tired.  When I went to Maine and bought the blueberry fabric I could not have loved them more.  What can I say, I am fickle!

Do you remember the apron I made my step-mom for Christmas?  Those colors are in the tiles we are putting in the back splash so I went to the Quilt store to get more. 

However, while I was there this vibrant Marcia Derse fabric caught my eye.  I love her stuff and I keep collecting it but not sewing with it.  Click here to learn more!  Marcia Derse

I got four yards of it but found a fabric in my stash for the lining. 

I am using the old curtains as my pattern.

When I took it down, I smiled to see the plaid that I had used as the liner.

I don't know why I like a whimsical lining fabric in these curtains but I do.  Maybe for hovering helicopters?  Or the birds?

At any rate, this is at least the fourth set of curtains I have made since 1996, I guess about one every four years.  It's time. 

These curtains are 4 yards wide so the pinning and pressing will take a while.  And this is the last that anyone will see of the lining!

When I get them done, I will post a picture.

What's that you say, could I post a picture of the completed kitchen?

Of course!

I thought you would never ask. 

I can't wait for the kitchen and all the construction chaos to be over.  I will be able to cook again.  I know, I can't believe I wrote that either!


  1. The kitchen chaos will be worth it. Your new curtains will be the perfect accent.

    1. Thanks, I love that I have made all the curtains in our condo.


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