Friday, February 3, 2012

Making me happy - cupcakes!

 I am continuing to work on the quilting of the City Green quilt and cutting out the Valentine quilts.

Let's talk about something else that is sort of February-ish!

How about cupcakes?  Love them!

I also have a thing for pink and brown fabrics.  This project combined all of those elements.
One year for Emily's birthday I made her a cupcake table runner, cup cake placemats with matching napkins and an apron.

They were super fun to make and she loved them.

She uses them at birthday party times at her house.

When I go over and see them, it makes me happy.

And is she has made cupcakes, then I am even happier. 

When I have some progress to show on the cutting and the quilting, that will make me happy as well.  I am working on it.  Sometimes the beginning and the end of projects don't show a lot of progress.


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