Friday, February 24, 2012

Repetition needs a bit of different

 I finished the second side for one pile of the triangles and luckily there is another pile yet to do.

Maybe doing two quilts at the same time wasn't the best idea in the whole world?

But I think it is easier than making one whole quilt and then starting over again from scratch and making the second one.

I hope I am saving SOME time!
The first set of triangles I would flip from the sewing machine to the ironing board as I finished them.

I then cut down the line, clipped the thread and pressed the seam toward the brown.

I am about halfway done with the first stack.  When I get them all pressed, then I will clip the "rabbit ears" - the bits of fabric that extend beyond the square - while I am watching television.

When I am working on a big project like this, it helps to look around my sewing room. 

Here is one of my favorite areas, it is the wall on the northside of Gladys. 

Some of these items I had in a former lifetime, others are brand new.

The flower quilt was made for me by my friend, Gina.  It is the only quilt I feature that was not made by me or my Grandmother.  I do have a quilt I won which I do like, but I don't feature it.  I love the Mom's studio sign but I never call it a studio, it sounds too lofty!  The sign with the skull makes me laugh, it is so different from everything else!

In a world of repetition, sometimes you jsut need something that is different!  For me, it's my crafty skull sign!  I hope you have something that is different good in your life.  But sorry, you can't have my skull picture, I need the laughs. 


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