Friday, September 16, 2011

Ahh, the memories

We got new furniture today for the bedroom and the kitchen.  It's terrific to get new things but it's also a lot of work and somewhat embarrassing.  Do you have any idea what I had socked away in my dresser?

The highlights (lowlights?) included a lace mantilla (OK, two), white gloves, black & white checked sunglasses from '64, lovebeads, a woven Vietnam headband and my collection of pins.  In my jewelry box I had every pin or necklace that I ever proudly wore on my jumpers when I taught school in the 80's.  Why do we hang onto stuff when we have the memories?  I can remember wearing those sunglasses with my pastel colored Wrangler cut off denim shorts and feeling like the coolest (actually nerdiest) person ever!  I made lovebeads to match my dresses because in High School we couldn't wear pants so I sewed dresses and made matching beads, natch!

The sunglasses and beads made it into the new dresser but everything from the 80's will find new owners at a thrift store. All the jewelry I got from my Mom I kept, even though I don't wear it much any more.  Some memories are too embedded in the item to ever let it go.  I guess the 80's don't have that same tug on my heart!

In the kitchen, the new piece is completely filled with table runners, dish towels and cloth napkins.  It is so organized it makes me weep with joy.  It is also a Paula Deen piece - that lady likes butter and makes some fun furniture.  I figure this is our last redo and I didn't want to march into the sunset with our old bedroom set and table linens that were smashed into drawers. 

But we're pooped from moving and organizing. OK, maybe I didn't like the first place I put the dresser.  Or the kitchen organizer.  But I know my husband secretly loves moving furniture multiple times.  Thanks, honey!  I didn't get any sewing done today, I am going to do my four hours knitting dish rags while watching TV.  I will get it figured out.

But the black hooded Niagara Falls sweatshirt? I will never figure out why I bought that!

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