Saturday, September 10, 2011

Learning curves

Adventure Friday with my sister and daughter - yay!  But how to manage my 4 hours of needling?  Ha!  This is why I knit.

Emily drove and I got in over 2 hours of knitting.  I like just knitting away, no fancy patterns, nothing to count, just establishing the muscle memory of knitting.  It was one of my new projects after I retired - I started knitting lessons, golf lessons and Longarm machine quilting class.  These are my favorite comments from my classes.

Golf instructor to another student:  Wow!  Really good, you've obviously golfed before.
Golf instructor to me:  Well....that was close.

Knitting teacher to all the other students:  Great job, you're making wonderful progress, beautiful!
Knitting teacher to me:  That's not knitting.

Longarm teacher to other students:  Great progress!  You've got talent!  Nice job!
Longarm teacher to me:  Hmmm, let's try that again.

I am finally improving after a year of practice on everything but the golf.  We aren't going to talk about the golf, this is a NEEDLING blog after all.  No such problems on Adventure Fridays - I can knit and go to fun restaurants and sample new dishes.  Finish with a new bakery and head home to sewing.  Yes! 

Imaginary Adventure Friday/eating teacher to me:  Perfect!  I can tell you are a professional.
Me:  Thanks! (smothering burp)

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