Monday, September 19, 2011


Marathon knitting session with the Emmy awards.  I watch them and the Oscars and they make me laugh.  Whatever other profession self congratulates more than actors?

What about teachers?  What would that award show look like?  Would we tune in to see who wrote the best tests, graded the most homework or had the best eyes in the back of her head?  How about waitresses?  Where is their show for most meals delivered, least dropped and most gracious when abused by irate customers?  These shows could be sponsored by comfort shoes and pain killers.

I want award shoes for parents, police and secretaries!  I would love to see people in jobs which didn't involve fat paychecks strolling around in flashy dresses, teary eyed about their parents and asserting that it's all about the the integrity of the work.   I could be the host, it would be lots of fun.  Maybe they could have a quilters' show which was nationally televised and everyone in the audience could be doing handwork.   In the meantime did you see the revealing dress on that one winner!  Whoa!

At any rate, it was fun; I finished my dish rag and started another!

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