Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Ripping is part of sewing; that's an adage I murmur to myself whenever I have to rip out slowly what my machine just zipped into my fabric.  I have two really terrific good looking seam rippers but it doesn't make the process any more pleasant.  There are just times when what you've done is wrong and it's time to rip it out and start all over again.  Sometimes you just have to try and redo and repair.

I am working on a t-shirt quilt for my youngest daughter who just graduated from college.  Easy-peasy, right?  I have made t-shirt quilts before I could make this with my eyes closed!  Wrong!  Or maybe it just depends on when you are sewing.

I didn't make it up to my sewing room until 6:00 pm yesterday.  Wow, you are thinking, that's pretty late for a woman who doesn't work!  I know but my day got hijacked, apparently I needed to see a video of my nose hairs!  Something, by the way, that I really didn't need to see.  Ever.  After my laps I started on a three doctor day to staunch a runaway nose bleed that included the above video.   I am not one of the medically curious, I really don't want to see video of the insides of my body, heck I am not sure I want to see video of the outside of my body.  After the cauterization, I was in the grips of a pity trip that only chocolate could solve.  Yes, thanks for asking,  I did go buy some.  Well, if by "some" you are thinking massive amounts in all kinds of varieties.  I finally got home, self medicated with pasta and dark chocolate.  For maximum favorable results, I repeated the chocolate dosage.   As all of this was going on I kept thinking but I have to sew 4 hours today! 

Hence the late in the day sewing involving the t-shirt quilt.  I started quickly cutting up the t-shirts and the interfacing.  I got about half done when I realized that A.  I didn't have enough interfacing due to my lovely lack of math skills and 2.  I had cut a pink shirt too small.  Time to redo, rethink and repair.  I chased away the chocolate cobwebs and figured out a way to get an extra set of interfacing by cutting off the sides of the existing pieces.  Then I took a piece of cut away pink shirt and make a cute little header on that now 12 ½" t-shirt square.  Time to change direction, 6 squares was enough for this night.

I spend my final two hours finishing the binding on the poppy quilt and knitting while rewatching Easy A.   I like sewing or knitting to movies I have already seen.  I can pay less attention to the screen and more to my project.  Some video screens just don't need your full focus, especially if you are at the ENT Doctor.  And some days just involve more repair than others - a t-shirt quilt square or a nose, just be glad it all worked out in the end.

I would write more but I happen to know where I hid the leftover chocolate.  Happy needling.


  1. Is picture of t-shirt quilt coming? Katie and Bob both have them, they really love them.

  2. I will post a picture as soon as it is done, it will take a while. I bet they love them.


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