Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Longarms on vacation

Why do vacations sound fabulous when they are months or weeks away but when they are tomorrow, I go into hyper mode?  We will be away on two different trips for the rest of the month.  So I decide not only laundry and bill paying is in order but heck finish a major sewing project.

The t-shirt top is done and I decided I hate the back.  Quilt store visit!  Got a new one, washed it, sewed it together and ironed the life out of me, I mean it.  Got in on the longarm and wound those rails back and forth to make sure that puppy was on there tight and straight.  Then I laid the batting on followed by pinning the top.  Did I mention it was hot and I had been ironing?  Oh baby, good thing I have a couple of fans up there.  Ran the top back and forth and ta-da, it's straight.  (I hope!)  Now it's all set for when I get back.

Which leaves in the car needling.  I have been working overtime on the weekends building up "comp" time for this trip but I want to still knit.  But what if I don't want to work on just one project?  Back to the yarn store!  Plus a little dip into the stash.  Now I think I am set.

Oops, better pack some clothes.

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