Monday, September 12, 2011

Knitting and winning

I put in some overtime this weekend, yep that's the kind of dedicated worker I am.  On Saturday, we drove to the Illini football game, 2 hours of knitting there and back plus more at home.  (And yes, our team did win, thanks for asking.)  Sunday, my knitting group met here - 3 hours of blissful knitting chez moi.  Sunday night I knitted about 2 more hours.  I am officially a knitting fool!

Knitting with my group brings knitting to a whole new level.  It takes it from a solitary task to a shared activity of women where knitting is on the official agenda but not necessarily the goal. We help each other out.  OK, fine, they help ME out as I am the novice.  Figuring out patterns takes place while we try to figure out children.  Dropped stitches we can repair, what about dropped loves?  We knit, we chat, we share and we see our projects grow and our lives intertwine.  We've admired our work, encouraged each other and admonished ourselves with equal parts love and sarcasm. 

Did I mention the snacks?  Well, heck, a girl has to have nourishment, n'est-ce pas?  Oh yes, we have our own French Chef and have noshed on all kind of gourmet treats at her house.  I hosted this past meeting so there was freshly baked apple bread - just not baked by me.  Hey, the people at the Farmer's Market need customers and Honey Crisp apples were finally in season as well.  We knit, we purl, we crunch, we talk and in the process we create more than scarves to encircle the necks of our families.  We create a community of support.

And that's a win as important as one on any field.

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