Sunday, September 18, 2011

The noble dishrag

Knitting on the weekend, am I dedicated or what?

I am almost half way done with a dish rag.  Yes, I do realize that they sell them in stores and yes, it is kindof goofy to spend this amount of time on something that you use to get nasty bits off dirty dishes.  Washing dishes is not my favorite and here's my washing the dishes quickly tip:  go out to a restaurant. 

However, you can't eat every meal at a restaurant (although that is a really good idea for a blog.)  Sometimes you are just going to have to break dishes.  If the dish rag is hand made, I just like it better.  I have been buying crocheted dish rags at my local tea room but I hope to be my main provider soon.  I think I am getting the hang of them.  I've been making them in Pink breast cancer cotton yarn.  Next month is Breast Cancer awareness month so it would be good to have them done.  Just writing about it reminds me that I need to schedule my mammogram.  I am hoping using them will make the people I give mine to look at the pink and be reminded to schedule theirs.

Improving the dish washing experience and a mammogram reminder certainly merits knitting on the weekend. 

How about you, have you had your yearly mammogram?

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