Saturday, September 17, 2011

If at first you don't succed, unravel!

Yesterday I knit and the day before I knit and for all that knitting I have about 1 inch to show for it!  And I am just fine with that.

Most of the time in life, when you make a mistake it costs you one way or the other.  Drive too fast?  Hello 120.00 ticket plus a visit to Traffic Court.  Spend time on Facebook while you are cooking dinner?  What's that burning smell..."Hello Pizza Hut, do you deliver?"   Inadvertently include a red camisole in a load of white wash?  Hello pinkie tydies! 

But in life, when you make a mistake in knitting, the yarn is so forgiving.  And it's super fun and fast to unravel the offensive item.  Zip, zip, roll, roll and your yarn is in a tidy ball once again and none the worse for the experience.  It is like a rewind button, no harm, no foul.  You may have wasted some time which I did and did and did.  At one point yesterday I was so happy to have an apron to make as a Hostess present so I could make something that I actually finished.  

Finally, I figured out knit under.  I knew it before and even made two of these dish rags.  But I could not click again with it and I ripped and started over 4 times before I finally just got it right.  Now I have about an inch of good knitting and I will build on that today in the car.

If only I could unravel all of my mistakes in life so easily!

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