Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hand quilting

I am home from one trip and about to leave on another.  I have been knitting in the car like crazy.  But today, I got to work in my sewing room.  I am starting on maybe one more project for book club this Sunday and the machine quilting on the t-shirt quilt.  I used to not like machine quilting, then I had my first one done.  Oh, not bad, not bad at all!  In fact I like it and I want to do it at my own house, in my own sewing room.

I love my sewing room, it is my refuge.  My newest addition is my Gammill Longarm that I got about a year ago.  It is 12 feet wide so it can accommodate any future king sized quilts that need quilting.  I have hand quilted two king sized quilts in my life and I am hoping I am not foolish enough to ever do another.

I remarried in 2000 and of course, a new quilt was more important than the wedding ceremony.  Naturally I missed the wedding date.  By 10 months, but hey, that clearance comforter looked really good and the scratchy 100 thread count matching sheets were pretty nifty.  I just kept quilting and quilting.  When I thought I was done, nope, there was a whole new section that was not yet quilted.  Finally it was on the bed and I hated it.  What a disappointment, I was just sick.  I looked at it and decided the pillow shams were so 80's - who was I, Mrs. Roeper?  (That's a Three's Company reference for you young readers.)  I updated the pillows and I have updated them since then.  What I discovered was that quilts only look old fashioned if what you have around them is out dated, quilts never go out of style.

My oldest daughter married in October of 2008, announcing her engagement in that January.  10 months?  I can do it.  First just let me make shower gifts for all three of your showers (plus a few copies for me to eliminate quilt envy) oh and some hand made gifts for the daughter of a dear friend.  OK, the top is done and I am ready to start quilting.  How much time is left?  6 days?   Well, I can at least have it done by Christmas.  Well, how about her birthday in April?  For sure, it will be done by their first anniversary.  Or the second.  Or perhaps the January after?  Hey, don't judge me, that quilt was 12 feet by 12 feet and I hand quilted every freaking inch of it! 

For those of you who have been paying attention, yes, I do have another daughter and she will probably get married one day and want her own hand quilted quilt.  King sized.  But until then, I will purr at my Longarm and make more deadlines.  Well, I'll be at least closer to the deadline.

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