Tuesday, December 6, 2011

13th block

 Last night I couldn't wait to get up and start sewing, that is how enthused I am about these projects.
Of course, I didn't exactly get up and start on them.  I had to check my email, Yelp and Facebook.  Then I went out to breakfast with my husband and repeated all the computer checking.
What was I so enthused about?  Oh yes, my sewing projects.

First, I sewed on the last two borders on the sweet time quilt and as soon as I write this blog, I am going to go sew it down!
Then, I do some prep work on some tea bag wallets I want to make next and cut out the apron pieces.

Finally, I got down to the main project.  I used this pattern but modified it for a smaller lap quilt.  I decided to make 12 blocks.
Before I could make the 12 blocks, I had to cut the  fat quarters.

I stacked them so I could cut 3 at a time but they fooled me, I had 13 fat quarters in the package.  I cut one piece short, 16 inches long instead of 16.5.  I did not panic.  Remember the legendary stash?  I found 2 red flannels and one green one and cut out alternate pieces from that.

I love my stash.  I have so much dang flannel, I should make a couple of quilts just from the stash.  I could literally make four quilts, I bet.

 Back to the quilt at home, Kathleen.  (I have been a day dreamer all my life.)

I made 13 blocks.  Block "B" is on the left, there are 4 in that pile.  Bock "A" is on the right, there are 9 in that pile.

I am not so fond of having that extra block.  I will never throw it out, I will feel like I should make a pillow or something.  An extra fat quarter just gives me a whole new project to not finish.

But today, I did finish this quilt top.  Perfect for a 7th grade boy, don't you think?  (Just agree with me, please!  Thanks.)

On the left you can see the backing fabric.  I could also use that for the borders.  Or I could piece the borders, the pieces are already cut out.  Or I could use the green on the right.  (Correct, from the mighty stash.)  Or I could buy a flannel stripe.  I am leaning towards the first or the last option. 

Right now I am going to go hand sew two last borders.  Then I will fret about the border tomorrow after my massage!  Oh, and I could fret about that 13th border.  Why a baker's dozen?
For donuts, yes, for fat quarters, no thank you!

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  1. I think the 7th grader will love the quilt. Especially on a cold day or night.


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