Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mad Plaid and more

 I am so glad I had a quilt already on Gladys, doing the quilting is very therapeutic.  I have to really focus, always have, but more so lately.  It chases other thoughts out of my head and I have a bit of a break from thinking. 

To tell you the truth, I like girly quilts more than masculine quilts for guys, sorry gentleman!

But this little Mad Plaid quilt is soft and cozy, it has lots of lines in it and I just like it.  I know, I am surprised as well.

You can see the first group of quilting that I have done on it, it's all geometric.  One of the first rules of machine quilting is to not quilt yourself into an area where you can't quilt your way out.  Ok, I have done this a few times but since it is all lines, I just back track on the line.

My daughter and I were not telling her husband that I was making these quilts for his daughter and son.  In the midst of the long, emotional weekend, I told him and even in his grief, his face brightened and he said that the kids would love them and that I would have to be there when they opened them.  It's nice to have that to look forward to for this Christmas.

I was also glad to have this easy apron already cut out, it was comforting to have a tried and true apron to stitch up.  Sewing is my best therapy.  It makes the world seem doable and orderly.

Isn't the fabric just terrific?  I love the colors and the birds, those beautiful birds.  It makes me think I would like to find a bird ornament to put on my tree to remember sweet Darcy who has flown away from us.  I am not sure you can see how great it is, the picture doesn't do justice to this fabulous fabric.

I get distracted lately, a molecule in the air shifts and poof, there goes my attention.   I think you can tell from the randomness of this blog entry.  I have to get going, no more Mrs. Magoo!

To this end, I sat down with the torn apart tea wallet, got my mind engaged and made one, a prototype.

You can see it on the right hand side.  It snaps at the top.  For my stocking, I had my husband holding onto a pair of snap pliers I had picked up at Vogue Fabrics.  I had gotten it for bibs so I was glad to have another use for it and to just get it early.  Cliff and I sat and figured it out and his strong hands got that snap in.  He says he can only do one a night, I have five more waiting to go, I used every single scrap of that Mary Englebreit tea cup fabric.  I am thrilled I will get a total of 6 if I get myself in gear!  Go Kathy, go Kathy, go Kathy GO! 

I have one more project I was planning on making for Christmas presents but we shall see.  I am kindof letting my feelings guide me.  However, this blog does help focus me so I am glad to be back at it.  It will help me get those presents done!

Mad Plaid quilt, I shall finish you!

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  1. I am glad that you are keeping yourself occupied. You need this activity to help you along.


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