Friday, December 23, 2011

Time to stop sewing! Put down the needle and step away from the machine!

 Ta da, another bird apron.  I bought an extra quarter yard so I could make some matching dish towels. I decided to put them on bright green, very lively and fun.

You can see the apron and the dish towels here on the left.  I have  the apron folded back so you can see the flowered batik I used for the lining. 

What I like about doing the tube for the accent is that I can sortof roll the tube until I get the view of the fabric I like.  It doesn't matter where the seam is.  I just press it then and pin it down.  

I have made quite a few gifts, none of it really Christmasy items, but Christmas gifts none the less.  I think I have made all the Christmas aprons, table runners, pillows and quilts anyone needs!

I was able to zip the decoration on three more dish towels, pink version of the grey cupcake fabric.  I only bought two fat quarters in Hannibal this summer, I actually wish I had bought more.  I would still be up in the sewing room, making some more decorated dish towels.

I have more fun fabric but maybe it's time to stop sewing and do some wrapping.  I will save the other dish towels and fabric for gifts throughout the year.  Plus, these dish towels are not the best quality, I will keep my eyes open for better solid colored dish towels.

I am going to end this blog with one of my favorite Christmas quilts.  (If you want to see them all, and who wouldn't, there is a separate page with all my Christmas Quilts.)

I will be doing the wrapping thing tomorrow.  Fine, yes, I am just going to put everything in a bag and I mean EVERYTHING!  Then our family will celebrate Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  It may not be our best Christmas, that's okay.  Look at the scrap Christmas Quilt, some of those fabrics are actually darn ugly on their own.  (Yes, I am talking about you, clearance table green floral stripe.)  But taken as a whole, it's a great quilt.  Life is like that, Christmas can be like that.  Not every one is terrific, but as a whole, over a lifetime, Christmas has been pretty darn great for me.  Merry Christmas?  Maybe not, maybe this year will be Mediocre Christmas but next year, it will be one of those fabrics that zings and adds the pop to the quilt of life. 

Enjoy your holiday and your family and I will post again on the 28th.

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  1. I am lucky, I get to see all of your quilts as you finish them.
    Great job this year on the gifts that you have made for everyone.


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