Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I can make that!

Sweet time is finished!


And I finished her toute suite, don't you think?  (OK, it was an attempt at a bilingual joke!)

I am very happy with it and my whole family is excited to see if Ally likes it.  But, I am glad Christmas is still a bit away as I have to finish the Mad Plaid quilt and I didn't make much progress today, I was too undecided about the borders.

I decided to make pieced borders, I went back to the quilt store, looked at the sample and what there was to purchase.  That will be the main goal tomorrow.  I promise!

I fiddled around with another project today.    See this little cutie?  It is a tea bag wallet.  I bought it in Paducah.  Aren't you just dying to have one?

I wanted to make some for presents.

I looked online but I couldn't find a pattern.  Rats!  Why don't people post the patterns I want for free on the internet?  Is this too much to ask?

So I unfolded it all the way and then I took out all the seams.  It is just a rectangle sewed in the middle, cleverly folded and stitched down with the half moon pieces sewed in there with a snap closure.  Hey,  I just happen to have purchased a fancy dancy snap putter inner! 

I CAN MAKE THAT!  I am not going to sell them or sell the pattern, I am just making some as back up copies!  I can hardly wait to get up tomorrow and work on these projects!

I love that feeling, that "I can make that" realization!


  1. The quilt looks fantastic. I think Ally will love it. I also think the tea bag wallet is cool. I am sure that everyone who loves tea would like one.


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