Thursday, December 8, 2011

My sewing room

 While I am working on the mad plaid quilt and the tea wallets, let's talk about where I do all my work, my favorite room in the house.
On the left you can see my cutting/design table with all the wardrobes open and on the right, they are all closed.  The fabrics on the left are reserved for future projects but on the right, they are scraps or fabrics I bought just because.

Sometimes when I am pondering what to do I will open the doors just to look at all the fabric, to gain inspiration.  I am insanely in love with the storage system.  It combines two of my main loves:  fabric and organizational equipment.  Here are more shots of my favorite fabric areas.  Yes, I am aware I am a rather sick individual but it still makes me sigh with contentment.    I have, as you can see,  divided  them by color.  Yes, I do love them unreasonably.
I add to them and take away so my stash is dynamic.  And fabulous!

Here's another area I adore, my hand sewing chair with my yarn storage next to it.

Do you see that terrific lamp made from an old sewing machine.  Aren't I the luckiest woman in the whole world?  Wait, there is more!

I have a book shelf full of books about sewing and quilting, I use them for inspiration as well.  The drawer unit next to it I have had since 5th grade when I developed my odd love of organizational systems.  My mother took me to Chicago Heights and we bought this unit at a used furniture store, it was from an apartment that had a Murphy bed, there were two of them and the bed went in between them.  Sadly, we only bought one of them.

No product to show today so I will leave you with another Christmas quilt from my collection.

This is the first Christmas quilt I ever made, it was a sampler I sewed for my oldest daughter, Emily who is now expecting her own daughter.  I will make Baby girl a Christmas quilt of her own one day.  This one is machine pieced and hand quilted, Baby girl's might be machine quilted.

I hope you have a room or a chair or just a spot that is your sanctuary.  Some place you can go and feel good and rejuvenated.  I also secretly hope it has some sort of organizational system in this spot.  If you would like help installing one, just give me a call.  I might be busy tomorrow, however, I just bought a new system for all my wrapping paper.  I am not making this up!

Here's to an organized sanctuary!

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