Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Friendship quilts

This quilt keeps me warm while I watch TV.
 I am working on the binding for the Mad Plaid quilt, I am almost done!

I did not get to start on the dish towels, oh well!  There is always next year or other holidays.

I remembered that I have to make a Heart square for the Valentine's Quilt that I am making with my friend, Gina.  I have previously shown the Christmas quilt we made together.  That took 5 years, this is the 5th year of the Heart Quilt.  We made a blue and white tea mug quilt in about 2 years, including hand quilting, it is on the left.  I made half the blocks and Gina made half; she has a quilt just like it.  I adore it!

I love finding patterns on line!
We had made two quilts before so we had quite a discussion about what to make for our next one, I got to choose so Gina will pick the next one.  I chose the tea mug pattern and Gina chose the Christmas pattern.  Gina didn't remember this and I am writing it down here so I will remember it!

We decided on a quilt for another holiday, Valentine's Day.  We found a very simple block online, I had to write in ands change the number of squares because I make two identical blocks, one for me and one for Gina. 

I collected bunches of dark, medium and light value reds/white/cream, this is my favorite part. 

Then I select three fabrics for Gina's Christmas present block and three for her birthday block.  

Aren't they terrific?
These are the blocks we have made so far.

I have five blocks that Gina made and five blocks that I made.

I imagine we will have lattice work in between the blocks as we will have 12 total.    Maybe each of it will finish the blocks into a quilt our own way or maybe we will do it the same way.

I love Friendship quilts.  I have two others going on which are not progressing as steadily, maybe they will pick up!

I will have the blocks done soon!
The three fabrics in front are the three I picked for this block.  Behind them are two project boxes filled with the fabrics I am saving for this quilt.  I didn't want them to mingle with my stash.  Eventually, when the quilt is finished, they will mingle with impunity.

Sharing experiences with friends is a great bond; be it reading the same books, watching shows or snacking together the time and years create many kinds of friendship quilts.

Some are just the kind that end up keeping you warm and  snuggly.  Enjoy the "Quilts" you make with your friends.

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  1. I really like the Valentine quilt. I love the pattern. The tea quilt is one of my favorites because it is blue and white.
    Too bad about the towels.


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