Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sewing is good for me

 Hearts times two, I finished both squares.  Just in time, I talked to Gina tonight and we are going to get together next week.

I love seeing my friends and since many of them are still teaching, I see them when I used to when I worked, on breaks and the summer.

Today I met two friends for tea in Morris which has a great fabric store called The Fabric Center.  I walked in and the lady asked if she could help me.  I replied, "Oh there's something I need here; I just don't know what it is yet."  But I found it!  And then some!  Buying fabric is an absolute pleasure for me, it's right up there with chocolate, tea and coffee.

 I also got to decorate three dish towels.  I could make these all night long, they are so easy.  I just cut a 6 inch wide strip, hemmed the short ends and sewed it right sides together.  I turned the little tube inside out, ironed it along the dish towel and used a blanket stitch to sew it onto the dish towel.  Now I know I didn't need fabric on the back of the decoration but if I didn't make a tube, I would have had to iron those edges down and sew it super carefully.  It was faster to make a tube.  I want to make more before I finally stop and wrap things up for Christmas.  I hope to make 17,000 more dish towels or maybe more.
Here are three of the pieces of fabric I bought in Morris, they are washed, dried and ironed and I would love to make one more bird apron tomorrow.  Someone special on my list saw the other one and said that he/she would love a bird apron as well.  I saw this delightful bird fabric and got a yard and a quarter, yard for the apron and a quarter yard for, you guessed it, to decorate a dish towel.  The other two fabrics are for the backing and the straps.   

I may not be healed but I still derive so much satisfaction from sewing.  Sew good for me!

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  1. Who could you possibly be making the apron for? The bird fabric looks great. Someone will be happy.

    I was glad that you got to see your friends. Life is slowly getting better.


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