Thursday, December 1, 2011

Some gifts are homely!

Someone told me that it takes 40 quilts to feel comfortable using your Longarm but I think I am getting there, I think by 10 I will not hold my breath anymore at all!  I am really enjoying quilting this Sweet Time quilt.  The flowers are a riot to quilt!

My daughter is expecting a baby girl in April who will have a built in big sister.  Emily's husband, Joe, has children from his first marriage.  I think I will give this quilt to his daughter for Christmas as she and I have slowly built up a bit of a relationship and since we both already love Baby Girl, I think it will grow closer.  I will give it to her as the Big Sister, something she and the little Sis can cuddle in together.  I bought fabric today for a quilt for her brother as well.

I have so many quilts I want to make Baby Girl but it is nice to share the love.

Here is the potato fabric, I cut it into 11 inch strips and then cut each strip into a 21 inch length.

I cut 6 pieces of the special all cotton batting.  Yes, I know the fabric is a bit odd but it makes a bag that is practical.

Here are the strips which have the batting tucked in between each piece of fabric.
Each one has to be quilted to secure the layers together.

If I hadn't had Sweet time on Gladys, I could have just quilted the whole thing at once and then cut the strips.

I quilted it with just straight lines and used two different decorative stitches for hemming the ends.  I will switch it up with the next one.

Here is the first one, all done.  You use it to "bake" potatoes in the microwave and they are supposed to be much better.  Then you just wash the whole bag.  You can use it for corn on the cob also.  I know, it's homely but I think my neighbors will like it as a little Christmas gift.

Some of my projects are cuter than others but I enjoy sewing them all.  One is for a soon to be big sister, to help her feel special and loved.  The other is for baked potatoes, kind of silly really.

Cute and special or homely but practical, what gifts are you giving this season?


  1. I like the potato bags. A very cool idea.

    Also, you will have to wait until Christmas to see what I have in store for you.

  2. I love that you love Christmas so much, well except for the movies!

  3. Where on earth did you get the potato fabric? Awesome!

  4. I got it at a terrific fabric store in Morris, Illinois. Quilters like "novelty" fabrics and they like to eat so there are quite a few novelty fabrics which are food.
    I saw the bags there and the fabric and thought, I can make those!


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