Wednesday, November 30, 2011

DIY and more

 Today's main project was putting the top on the newly painted chest.  It was wooden with a heart on it and we had it painted a darkish olive with a dark rub over it. 
We had fabric left over from the curtains
and foam to put on the top.  To cut the foam we used an electric knife.

Then we took the top off and laid the foam on top to make sure it was the right size.

We laid the fabric right side down on the floor and placed the foam and lid on top.  At this point we also had to get down on the floor.  There was some creaking of bones and some whimpering on my part. We managed to get the fabric stapled onto the inside of the top and we managed to get up off the floor; this was the harder part.  We were thinking there might be money in creating a DIY show featuring us, the whimpering geezers!  You could make projects and get a good laugh.
Our finished bench

We love the new bench and are super glad to have a place to put my Aqua Exercise bag and tennis shoes.   Plus we missed our spot for putting on our shoes.

For those of you keeping track, we now have the new bed yet to come, the TV to put in the wall and a new wall quilt to make.  (Plus the new floors for the whole condo.)  But we are now closer!

I also had time today to start quilting on my Sweet time quilt.  I am using pink thread and my goodness, so much easier to use than the variegated thread and way less dust and lint! I am quilting circles on the brown border, boxes on the pink border and flowers on the squares.  It has been super fun to quilt so far, I can't wait to do more tomorrow.

Is that all, sewer lady?  NO!  I finished the bags.

All ten done!  Some with red rick rack, some with orange and one with green.  There are also 4 with black zippers and 6 with beige zippers.  I have mentioned before about hoarding sewing supplies, I am using up my stash!
Great sewing, quilting and DIY day.  I better quit while I am ahead and go to bed!


  1. The bench looks great. A good idea on your part to have it refinished.

  2. Thanks loyal reader! I love all your feedback!


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