Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Failure leads to success, over and over again

I am trying to knit and sew Christmas presents.  I like to give people something I have made with my own hands, with a bit of my heart enclosed!

I got all the zippers put in, joining the doubled front top piece and the doubled front bottom piece.  I had previously cut out all the pieces so I matched up two back pieces with a piece of batting, left over from Sweet time.

I have made these little bags bunches of times but this time was different, the front was way smaller than the back. What?  How can I make such a dumb, easy mistake?

If I cut the backs to match the fronts, they were too small to put the cards I had made inside.  If I sewed the top and bottom seams and rolled the seam up to create a bigger bag than the front, the seam didn't look right.  Then I thought I could add some piping in that seam.  Took out the stitching, added the piping and....hated it.  Ripped it out again.  How about rick rack?  I have seen it lately in Quilt stores; it is back in.  At one time, I think I had the largest rick rack collection in the USA.  No, I am not bragging, I really did!  In 1982 we visited the Wright trim factory out East and I went to their factory outlet store, a true one.  This is back before smart phones and malls of fake factory outlet stores.  They had a bin of rick rack rolls that didn't have enough left on them to create a new package.  I bought nearly everything and I used a lot in the early 80's.  Did I have any left?  Why yes, I did, in various widths and colors.  I created a new prototype and it looked good.  I am now even more of a sewing hoarder then I was before, rick rack from the 80's to the rescue!  I got five done, five more to go.  (They will go faster as I won't have to create a prototype once, let alone three times, not to mention the one time I put the rick rack on the inside.)  Fun!

I also changed the top of the tree, that angel was bothering me.  I got a gold star.  Tree toppers don't seem to be that popular, I had to go to three stores and even then, I wasn't head over heels about this one. 

Now I want to knit, I have finished 4 dish rags so far, have started a 5th, and I am starting on a 4th scarf I could give, or keep!

I also want to quilt Sweet dreams, do my Christmas newsletter and my Christmas cards!  Too many fun things I want to work on.  I just hope I don't have to have failures before success like I did on the bags.  What I like is that even though things were not right, there was a way to make them right.  I love that about sewing, it's not like burning the chicken, you can still save it!

But how about if next time instead of failure leading to success, I just have success and then more success?

I know, I am crazy!  Good luck with your holiday successes!


  1. The bags look good as does the tree. Good job on both.

  2. Thanks and tonight we get to work on the trunk, yay!


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