Monday, November 21, 2011

Endings and beginnings

 Sewing marathon weekend!  I have made upin advance any sewing time I might not fit in the Friday after Thanksgiving, our traditional decorating day plus a Bridal shower extravaganza this year.

By the time Cliff got home from the U of I game on Saturday, I had finished all the panels.  Impressed?  Wait, there's more!  I did this while I had a cold.  Please, no need to applaud.
 On Sunday we tried to avoid completing the project by driving all the way to the city to have breakfast.  Oh, it was delicious, thanks for asking.  (Yes, maybe I was pouting a bit that Adventure Fridays are over.)

About three o'clock, we started in on the replace the rods, hem the drapes, project.

We finished about 7:30, too late for me to make dinner.  (Brilliant, no? And we both like Culvers)

OK, back to the official sewing blog!
Above you will see the wide panel drapes and to the left the single panel drapes.  The new rods are up, the new drapes are hemmed and up and we are very happy with them.

We both may have had a few moments today, mistakes may have been made and some curses uttered. 

But it was all worth it.  Emily and the lady were right, longer is better.

I like them because they are still casual, like my house, but spiffier.

We have the new dressers, lamps and night stands. We still need to hang the TV on the wall, get the new bed and new dust ruffle plus, a new wall quilt.  And then, after the New Year, we are going to replace all the carpets with wooden floors.  Then the bedroom will be done but right now, new drapes are up!

 I got the second border on the Sweet time quilt and made the back.  Here the two pieces are, waiting to be put on Gladys.

I found out that my grand child will be a little girl!  Isn't that terrific?  I was hoping for that or a little boy.  I could use this quilt for her but I have two other quilts planned for her.  I still don't know.

One thing I know for sure, that pattern for little baby girl "shoes" was not a bad purchase after all!

Don't you love this pattern?

See what a great sewing weekend I had?  I finished projects and get to think about new beginnings. 

Is there a better life than that of a Quilter?  (Oh hush, you needn't mention movie star, rock star, millionaire...)

Endings and beginnings, I love them both!


  1. Great job on the drapes. Now on to bigger and better things.

  2. Thanks! First, I need to get rid of this silly cold!


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