Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sweet Time

I finally cut out the lining fabric.  I had 13 yards of it; the sheer volume and bulk are a bit intimidating.  I am always nervous that I am going to make a mistake.  With a quilt I never worry like that, it's always small pieces you can just cut more or change the design.  But with drapes, it's huge pieces and even the lining fabric is the same price as really nice quilting fabric.  Of course I ran through all the math again before I cut into it.  I measured 81 inches and put a pin and then changed sides and did the same.  I stretched the tape measure between the two pins and marked the cutting line with more pins.  All the measuring and cutting is done, all the tabs are made, now I finally get to sew but I will be swathed in yards and yards of fabric.  I have the cut drapery fabric lying on Gladys and I have the lining fabric draped over the loft railing.  It's like a gosh darn fabric warehouse in here!
Fabric warehouse look!

The lining is super nice, we will be able to sleep the day away because I don't think a drop of light will get through.  I have been very happy with the fabric transaction, the bed painting, not so much. We may just cancel the whole painting thing and get a new one. We will have to see what happens and focus on the sewing!  And knitting!  I am still knitting every night.

I also got the pink borders on the Renaissance quilt.  ( I really don't like that name for this quilt.) I am liking the solid, it gives your eyes a place to rest!  I am going to wait a while for the final border.  I can't get it pinned on Gladys until I have the drapes off of there so I might as well take my sweet time!

Taking your sweet time.  It sure didn't work for me with the furniture painting lady.  But I like it sometimes for me when I am picking out fabrics.

So maybe I am merely being cautions and deliberative when I take my sweet time but when YOU do it, you're wasting my time?  Wait, I may have a name for the quilt, Sweet time!

I don't know the answers but I will just take my sweet time pondering the questions.


  1. I have the utmost confidence in your sewing abilities. The drapes will turn out beautiful just like everything you sew.

  2. Thanks, they will turn out it's just a matter of WHEN!


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