Friday, November 4, 2011

Hard to get started

4th row, 5 rectangles
I had a lot of trouble getting started today, it may have been those dark chocolate covered caramels I found left over from the nose bleed incident.  Or the rain?  General laziness?

I put off "working" as long as I could.  Went to Aqua Exercise, did my laps and found myself in the car.  With my cell phone!  "Hi, honey, want to go out to breakfast?"  That killed an hour.

I was nervous about the drapery fabric so I avoided it by working on the next row. Made FIVE mistakes but corrected them and faced the drapery fabric.

But first you want to know the story behind the dreaded drapery fabric, yes?  I knew it!
I took a look at our bedroom a couple of months ago and decided, nope, not going to ride into the sunset with this bedroom set.  We started off with new lamps.  Then we got one new night stand.  You know how it is, each new thing makes the existing furniture look like items left over from some cold war gulag.  We took the plunge and ordered 2 new dressers and another night stand.  It all came and, meh, we spent a lot of money but the room still doesn't look right.  I had a woman from White Street Interiors come and give me advice.  (Don't get at impressed, she didn't even charge me for the advice.  She agreed with my daughter, the drapes had to go and needed to be full length.  Plus we arranged to have the bed and a bench painted.  And when all that is done, she wants the TV mounted on the wall.  (This was the point when my husband got tears in his eyes and kissed her feet.)

I took a deep breath and ordered the fabric and the lining.  Very expensive, the most expensive fabric I have ever gotten.  Did I mention I paid a lot of money for the fabric and no, her assuring me that me doing the sewing was saving a lot of money.  It was still mucho dinero!

I picked up the bolts and put them in the sewing room.  Where they sat.

I picked up new rods.

I  made the maternity clothes.  Hmmm, those are finished.  Guess it's time to cut into that really expensive fabric.  Aack!

I rolled it out and looked at it. 

I looked at pictures of drapes on line even though I knew I was doing 2" tabs.  I looked at all the other curtains in the place. 
 Finally I cut into it.

 I cut across and had three 7 1/2" strips and then cut those into 4 1/2" pieces which I stitched up each length.

Ta da!  36 tabs I need to turn inside out.  I will do that tonight as I watch TV.  (Sorry knitting, you'll be ignored.)  Next I will cut 5 facing strips and then cut the remaining fabrics into 5 panels. 

I will work on these over the weekend and see if I make any progress.  Talk to you Monday.  Now that I am started, I feel a bit better.  I've made the decision, I can't go back.



  1. The biggest problem with drapes is the sheer QUANTITY of fabric that you need to haul around all the time. I took my machine up to Ryan's room when I did those. It was easier than hauling silk up and down two sets of stairs. Good luck!

  2. That is the pain about making drapes, the amount of fabric that can envelope your body...and soul! I am still plugging along.


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