Thursday, November 3, 2011

Rewards for good behavior

Second top finished
I was such a good girl today, I finished the second maternity top for Emily and hemmed the first one.  What a good feeling!  I think I will wait to start the dresses, once I get going on something I like to do them all and I have other projects I want to work on.  I was going to make them until she told me that she wouldn't be wearing these until next March or so.  Scrreecccch, brakes on this project!

How's the city quilt you ask?  I got another row done AND I remembered to increase the rectangles by one more.  Some times I really impress myself with actually remembering to do the things I want to do.  I wobbled a bit on one row which irritated me but then I calmed down and recalled this will be up in the air, seen from the living room as you gaze up to the sewing loft.

I am not having the bunching issues I had before, maybe because I am following the directions for the way they taught me to use the machine?

Why would I not have always done that?  Well, I went over to a woman's house who is a complete pro at machine quilting and she would stabilize the whole quilt by stitching in the ditch and drop using the third roll for the top.  I tried her method but it obviously didn't work that well for me.  Or I didn't really understand her process.  It has taken me a while to have an organic understanding of the whole process and it's a ton of work!  This quilt I am doing the way I was originally taught and so far, so good!

I like this shot of the third row I have finished quilting.  I find I don't use the special high chair I bought but I do love having the anti fatigue mat.  My old lady legs and feet can ache if I just stand there even with the mat.  That's why I like having other projects to work on where I can sit and sew at the machine.

I have been so darn good lately, I think I need a reward!

We have a Groupon for a fancy dancy restaurant here in town and I think we will just go over there and have a super nice meal.  I have been sewing like a crazy lady and have made up all the hours I skipped while on vacation.

Plus, I just like going to fancy dancy restaurants!


  1. Hurray for fancy dancy restaurants! And your quilt looks pretty fancy dancy too. I finally figured out how to get email notifications when you post, (duh. "Follow by email"). So now you will get lots of fancy dancy comments.

  2. I had the follow by email "gadget" at the bottom of the blog before so it wasn't your fault! I love comments, fancy dancy or not!

  3. I love the second top! Wish my kids would gift me with a grandbaby. Well, in time.

  4. Thanks, Cathy. I can't wait until that baby is here.


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