Monday, November 14, 2011

The company of women

Pattern - Rennaissance from Blue Underground Studio

I really enjoyed sewing with fellow guild members, it was the women who made it so terrific.  I have a fabulous sewing studio with super comfortable chairs, a cutting table that is on risers so it is the perfect height for me and my full sized sewing machine.  The folding chairs, irons and cutting table weren't so great for my back but the community of sewers were great for my soul.  As women will, we got to talking and to sharing our life stories.  I literally feel my life was enriched by the time I spent with these women.  AND I finished all 20 squares and stitched them together for a lap or baby quilt.  I have been wanting to make a pink and brown quilt for a long time; my friend and I are working on a friendship quilt of those colors but it is currently on hiatus.  I borrowed a few fabrics from that stash and had a whole other project box full of that color combination.  I bought some solid pink for the first border and then I have to figure out the second one.  The pattern has you do the outer border with the same fabric that is in all 20 of the focus squares and in each block.  (It's the larger floral pattern in my quilt.)  Will that make it too busy to repeat the focus fabric?

Speaking of focus, I have once again lost it on the drapes. You can tell I really prefer making anything else.  I would like to continue with this quilt or start on some shower gifts.  (Yikes, and shouldn't I be making some Christmas presents?)  I have to take a deep breath and get back to the drapes, cutting the lining fabric will be the next step.  I know I will like them once I get them done.  Making drapes just doesn't feel like being part of a community of sewers, it's just sewing for the house.

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I really like being part of a larger community; I have my knitting group and my quilt guild.  I also have three book clubs to which I belong and Adventure Fridays with my sister and daughter.  You can tell I love being in the company of women.

Emily wore the scarf I made for her this past Friday and it inspired me to finish mine.  Here it is!  I really like it, I have made 7 scarves now and 3 have been for me!  Hey, I need to keep warm in these Chicago winters.  The scarves are good for my body, the knitting is good for my creative spirit and the knitting group is good for my soul.

All my groups and clubs are communities of women whose sharing, love and caring make me happy and keep me sane.  Maybe I need a drape making community?

Fine, I will just make the darn things. 

Tomorrow...or the next day...


  1. I will be part of your community. What community is this again?

  2. Maybe Cliff and I can be in the same community...? I will finish the drapes for you!


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