Monday, November 7, 2011

Triple your pleasure

Breast cancer yarn dish rags
This was a grand weekend because I got to knit with my knitting trio and I finished a third dish rag.  I am trying to make lots of dish rags for Christmas presents for my family.  My original plan was to finish them all in October for breast cancer awareness month.  But, either I have procrastinated or I am perhaps trying to extend this awareness to more months.  Yes, that's my story,  I mean, yes that's what I am trying to do.  I have been knitting for a little over a year.  I have made 5 scarves so far and 5 dish rags.  If I have been able to knit at all it is because of the generosity of the women with whom I knit.  Here we are last summer, "knitting in public", scandalous! 
They know so much more about knitting than I do that I can only assume they keep me around for amusement purposes, a sort of court jester!  Today we met at Mary's house and she helped me start a  new scarf, a sampler.  Pam explained it to me v e r y   s l o w l y so I could understand.  I only panicked once, not bad!

This weekend I also got two more rows quilted on the blue city quilt.  I also finally did what I knew I would do at some point, I quilted a black rectangle.  Way to go, Kath.

Here is a picture of half of the mistake.  Don't worry, I quilted it at both ends before I gasped in horror.  Then I picked it out, one half at a time.  I took a break and did some more quilting before I did the second half.  I left the seam ripper there just to remind me.  But I got it all done and didn't even cry.  Much. 

Here is the completed row, 7 rectangles in each blue rectangle.

And 14 quilted rectangles removed from one black rectangle.

Two more rows to quilt, then the binding.

I hope I have time to do it this week.

AND work on the drapes, yes, I know.  You're kind of nag, you know?  But I like you anyway.  Courts jesters, we're like that.


  1. The quilt looks like it is coming along. As always I am always ready to assist when needed.


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