Thursday, November 17, 2011


Thanksgiving is a week away, it is a cooking and eating holiday, not a sewing holiday.  However, it does remind me that I have to get busy on making some presents to give to people for the next holiday, which is a sewing holiday.

I love giving presents that I have sewn to people but I really don't sew for money.  Ever.  I just had a friend of my daughter's tell me that when she had a baby she was going to have to have me make the "blanket", oh boy, she is in for a big disappointment.  I like to sew and quilt but I am not an order taker.  There is a list of people for whom I sew quilts.  There are a few ways to get on that list.
  1. Am I your Mother or did we share the same Mother?
  2. Am I married to you?
  3. Do I love you?
  4. Did I attend your wedding and you mine?  What about the weddings of our children?
  5. Do you love me?
  6. Would you be willing to donate a kidney to me?
If you answered YES to four questions, then you are on the list.

Sometimes I make quilts for other people when the spirit moves me.  I pick out the fabric and pattern and then give you a present from my heart, a piece of me.  This is a whimsical part of the equation, it allows me to explore quilting and make things that interest me and make me happy to give to you.

I am not looking for business and you saying, "Oh, I'll pay you" really doesn't motivate me.  I have so many quilts I want to make, so many projects in my sewing room, so many new ideas I want to explore and your future baby's decor is not amongst them.  Nor is your  daughter's wedding, your cousin's retirement or your step father's interest in Elvis.  (Yes, these are actual events people have wanted me to commemorate.)  If a quilter wants to quilt for money, she will let you know.

I do not.

There are other sewing related chores I do not care to do for the people who have asked.
  1. Darn your socks.
  2. Replace your buttons, zippers, tabs or snaps.
  3. Repair your rips or tears.
  4. Make anything out of your old jeans.  Nothing. from. jeans. ever.
  5. Reupholster your furniture or boat cushions.
  6. Make anything for any animal in your life.
  7. Any mending at all.
  8. Other things I cannot think of right now.
Wow, I feel better!  Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!


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