Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What are we, Amish?

Book of sewing projects for baby
I made the mistake of letting my oldest daughter, who is expecting, look at the book I had purchased for ideas of things to make the baby.  Next thing I know, she has her hands on a pack of post-it notes and is marking pages furiously.  "Hold on there, what are you doing?"  "I am marking all the things I want you to make" was her reply.  When will I learn?  I have to show her one thing and say, do you want this?

Top my daughter selected
I balked and said, hey, that was for ideas for the BABY.  Her response was to send me links to fabrics she liked for the top and dress she had selected.  The girl knows me, I ordered fabric for two tops and three dresses.
This weekend I looked at the "pattern" which is really more just some measurements of panels and pieces.  Sigh.

I have had Emily over twice for measurements of her body.  The first time was to take rough measurements and the second was today for a more specific modification of the pieces I had cut.

Green and purple, #2 will be black & white

It is a lengthy way to sew what could have been an easy top had I brought home a pattern from a major company.  Making everything she wants will last longer than the latest celebrity joke of a marriage!  I was sewing while Emily was waiting for the next set of measurements and she commented that she had told her husband that I was going to make her some maternity clothes.  His response, "What are we, Amish?"  Hmmm, not so happy with that remark BUT I have to admit this top does look like a hippy maternity top.  We will call it Bohemian.   She is coming over again tomorrow so I can make sure the back straps are tight enough and the back elastic the right measurement plus do the hem.  I have been writing down the dimensions of everything so the second top should go quicker, right?  Also since this fabric she picked out was directional and I had to cut the strips going the length of the fabric instead of going across, the next one has to go faster.  In the book, the top has buttons, she has to see if she wants them.  Then maybe I will get to do some machine quilting on MY project!

I bought the yardage but the accents for all the items are from my stash, it makes me feel frugal to do that.  We all know my sewing habit is the complete opposite of frugal, but, hey, let me keep my fantasy.  After all, aren't the Amish frugal?


  1. Are you creating your own pattern, or modifying one you bought? Either way, I am impressed. I have also learned from this post if I send you fabric ideas, you will make me a top. I like being Amish.

  2. I am creating the shirt using general suggestions from the book and just cutting the fabric, there is no pattern which works because everything has a straight edge.

    Hmmm, I am not sure if you get away with as much as Emily. Maybe after a few months I will be all caught up with my sewing fellow Amish woman!


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