Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dream hobbies

The drapes and I had a fight.  One of us said a lot of bad words.  Slippery fabrics can bring out the worst in me.  I ripped it all out, don't worry, and started over again.  The drapery fabric was snippy with me for a while but she seems to have forgiven me.  We are talking now.  I've made some progress that I haven't had to rip out.  Not sure when these devils will be done!  I was feeling a bit negative but it's getting better.

Clever risers which save my back!
One big positive in all my sewing is the fact that my design/cutting/sewing table is on risers.  Aren't they so clever?  I bought them at my local quilt store and Cliff put them on my table.  What a difference those 10 inches make!  I don't have to bend over, it's just great.

I also have a super comfortable chair and great lighting.  Just when my husband thinks he's done improving my sewing room I think of something new.  He and his brother installed the extra lighting and all we had to do was buy his brother lunch.  Hmmm, I wonder how many meals it would take to get him to finish the drapes?

See my super Horn chair?  Plus my nifty spool rack?  I love them!  Cliff got to put the chair together and install the spool rack.  He didn't think I had enough wall room left for anything else but I found a spot.

I usually feel that my sewing room is my sanctuary in life but with this drapery project, it has not been as true.  The language that was coming out of there was frightful!  Especially when the drapery panels slipped out of my hands and went over the balcony.  Somebody needed their mouth washed out with soap!

When I get frustrated with the sewing, I just stop and come downstairs.  Playing around on the computer relaxes me like crazy but boy can I waste the time.

I find that knitting really relaxes me also.  I have been knitting like a fool lately and last night, I dreamed that I had finished a scarf but had misplaced it.  I was so upset it woke me up and I got out of bed to go look for it before I realized that it was all a dream.  (Or was it?)  Can you imagine if you could knit and sew in your sleep?  It would be fabulous!
I am working on three knitting projects.  The first project on the left is another easy scarf, I just can't stop making them!  The middle one only requires a bit of thinking, it's another dish rag. The purple project makes me think, count and pay attention.  I can only do so much of it in a night.

Today I got a massage and my therapist really worked on my right arm.  She got down deep into the tissues and said "What have you been doing?"  I replied, "I've been knitting like crazy, even while I sleep!"

Now if I could just find that scarf I made.

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