Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Increasing the rectangles

 I was lucky, I got to do some of my own sewing today, yay!

You can see the detail here on the dark blue stripes in the middle.  I actually remembered to do three sections, can you believe it?

I know, I was surprised myself!

I was also relieved when I turned the quilt that the stitches on the back were in good shape.  Phew, looking at the camera and checking the tension really seemed to work.

You can see the striped fabric on the back here in this picture a bit better. 

Did you have any issues, Kathy?  Why yes, I did!  The bobbin ran out after only 1.5 rows, grrr!  I made two, this will not be enough.  After I changed the bobbin, the thread kept breaking.  Double grrrrr.  But it settled down and I was able to finish.

I know you are worried if I did any sewing for Emily today.  You know better than to ask that, of course I did.  She came for the final fitting and I attached the straps and the shirt fit great.  Yay!  I didn't do the hem because I am using the green shirt to guide me as I make the second one.  I have finished the front!  Want to see it?  Sure, I aim to please, so here it is. 

I like this fabric so much more, it is an Alexander Henry and has no direction, I can cut strips any which way.  Emily wanted the straps and borders to be all the black and white polka dot but there wasn't enough so we are using 3 different fabrics which I think is super fun!  It makes me so proud of my stash.

I hope to finish it tomorrow, it is going really quickly.  I also want to hem the first one and do one more row on the blue quilt.  And I want to call Shelby and wish her a very happy birthday, 23!

Plus, the green fabrics arrived for the new bedroom quilt.

And I have the new fabric for the bedroom drapes.  Yikes!  So much sewing to do.  I love it!

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