Friday, November 11, 2011

Quilt journals & workshops

Quilt journals - 1983 to present day
I believe I have previously confessed my near obsession with keeping a record of the quilts I have made.  Why do I do this?  Because I simply adore looking over the pictures and reading the descriptions.  It just makes me happy.  Recently I was asked how many quilts I have made.  I was about to toss off the number 100 but I had this secret vain fantasy that it was probably more.  I decided to count, enter the Quilt Journals.  I went through them.  Twice.  I even updated the current one with the city quilt.

My total?  91.  Bummer.  I really thought I had made a hundred.  28 years of quilting, 91 quilts, that's about 3 a year.  So I won't hit 100 for three more years?  But what if I pick up the pace?  Then I could hit 100 in the same year I turn 60.  Cool.  OK, now I am over my disappointment.  And I have a new goal.  9 more quilts done sometime in my 60th year.

To that end, I spent Thursday at a quilt workshop. I sewed from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm and got to use my cute little Featherweight.  I got 20 blocks done and sewn together.  I still have to put the borders on and decide if I like it.  It might be too busy.  I also don't know - exactly what I am going to do with it?  Give it as a present?  Maybe a baby quilt?  I just don't know, I even dreamed about it, trying to decide!  (Hey, doesn't everyone dream about quilts and fabric?)   Once I get the borders done,  I will be able to pin it on the Longarm.  I do have this new desire to always have a quilt on there, waiting to be quilted.

What's that you say?  How am I doing on the bedroom drapes?

Oh no, we've run out of time, have to go, can't answer that question until later.  I have to go work on my quilt journals or thread some needles or something quilty and urgent.  Ta ta!


  1. I have confidence that you will get to 100 quicker then you think.

  2. There's nothing I like better than a quilting challenge. I will probably have to buy more fabric!

  3. Do you teach others how to knit/quilt?

  4. I never have, Susan, not even my own kids. I have given advice and tips but never really taught anyone!


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