Friday, November 18, 2011

Ants in my pants

I am halfway through with the drapes, the two larger panels are complete except for the hems which I never do until the rods are up.  I am hoping to finish the other two by Saturday, hang the rods on Sunday and finish all the hems.  One of the reason that I think this is not as fun as it could be is that I have so many other projects that I want to work on.  What projects?  I am so glad you asked!
  • I am going to a shower next Friday, I bought some items off the registry and have some little items to sew to "pimp" up the gifts and tie the theme together.  
  • I want to work on Christmas presents, I have lots of ideas.  I never get them all done by Christmas and when I worked, I had them done by October!
  • Baby stuff!  I am going to be a Grandmother in April and this poor baby will need quilts, lots of them. 
 This made me think about Quilt story books I read my girls when they were little.  I went looking for them.  Gone!  What?  Who got rid of them?  What idiot cleared out their book cases of the Quilt books? 

OK, fine, it was probably me.

I found a few upstairs with my quilt books, but not my favorites, mainly No Dragons on My Quilt and The Bedspread.

No problem, I will just buy them again on Amazon.

Holy mortgage payment, do you have any idea how much they are asking for these books now that they ARE OUT OF PRINT?  What is this some cruel joke by the publishing business?

No Dragons was still available new in paperback or 89.00 for a used hard back.  Hmmm, I love paperbacks.  The Bedspread was only available used - good condition for 20.00 or brand new paperback for 75.00.
How good is good?
I guess we will find out.

When my nephew was just born I gave him the fabric for the Dragons quilt.  By the next year I gave him the blocks.  The year he was 2, he got to open the box with the Quilt, perfect timing really.

I think my little grandchild would love this quilt!

But it's all applique, yikes!

And first I have to make a heart quilt in yellow and grey.  I was actually hoping to make two, one hand quilted and one machine quilted. 

But first I have to finish the drapes.  And the shower gifts.  And the Christmas presents!

See now why I get ants in my pants about the drapes?  I am even staying home from the Illini game on Saturday to finish them.  (Either that or I am tired of seeing them lose, one or the other.)

I will let you know on Monday how the weekend went.  Hopefully the ants will be out of my pants...and the drapes on the wall!


  1. I say buy the hard cover books. I think it would be fun to pass on to each generation. The quilts may be passed on also.
    Also I am buying some Raid for those damn ants.

  2. Have you thought about adding a link to your blog on your twitter page? You could share stories with even more sewing lovers :)

  3. Cliff, I bought one paper back and one hard back book.

    Susan, I will try to do that right now, or should I say write now!

  4. I had forgotten about The Bedspread. I adored that book. So glad you remembered. :)

  5. Me too! I can't imagine why I didn't save it!


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